Calming Dentistry Care: Choosing a Caring Clinic

February 8, 2017

Patient-scared-afraid-of-dental-procedure Calming Dentistry Care: Choosing a Caring Clinic

Many people have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Many of us are older, who suffered uncaring treatment from someone putting on braces or cleaning our teeth during our childhood. However, advances in pain reduction, as well as a philosophy of care that is practiced in the best Canadian clinics, allows for dental treatment that is free from stress and worry. Choose a great dentist who works in a supportive environment, and your fears can be put to rest:

Select the Right Place

family-dental-service Calming Dentistry Care: Choosing a Caring Clinic

Choose a dentist who is supportive and encouraging, and whose approach is reflected by their receptionist and staff. If you are fearful of asking questions or talking about concerns with your teeth and mouth, look for another office. You should never feel embarrassed when receiving medical care.

Schedule Early Appointments

Make an appointment early in the morning. If you have one that is in the afternoon, then you might worry the entire day about what will happen at the office. It’s a simple technique that can reduce concern.

Bring Distractions

listening-to-music Calming Dentistry Care: Choosing a Caring Clinic

Instead of sitting in the chair and staring at the equipment in the office or at the walls, take something to keep your mind occupied. Bring a book or an iPod. While in the treatment room, consider holding onto a stress ball or a small stuffed animal. These items can help you focus and relax.

Close Your Eyes

The-Importance-of-Professional-Teeth-Cleaning-e1487165978874 Calming Dentistry Care: Choosing a Caring Clinic

When you close your eyes, your body and brain are less likely to concentrate on images that might bother you. Also, if you close your eyes and take deep breaths, your whole system will release stress.

At Simcoe Smile Dental, we make every visit as pleasant as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about dental care. Contact our office at (905) 728-2321 for a consultation and cleaning.

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