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Bad Tooth into a Restored Smile

Dental health affects the overall health of the body. Bacteria found in diseased gums contribute to heart disease, stomach ulcers, and a number of other health problems. Bad teeth can cause chronic pain and an overall feeling of depression. Regular dental visits and a good oral health program can combat these health problems.

If a person has a cracked, chipped, severely decaying tooth (or has a filling no longer does its job), a dentist in Oshawa can do something about it. If you see a professional quickly, it is possible to save the tooth with a dental inlay or onlay. These procedures restore the tooth to its original shape and function. An inlay is positioned in the center of the tooth, and an outlay can be positioned on both the outside and inside of the tooth.

Materials for Inlays and Onlays

● Metals (usually used on back teeth for strength)
● Porcelain (chosen to match the colour of exposed teeth)
● Composites (resins, such as acrylics, match the tooth’s colour and are especially strong)

When it is decided that an inlay or onlay is the best choice the following procedure is followed:

● An impression of the tooth is taken to assure a correct fit.
● The impression is sent to a lab or kept in the dentist’s office.
● The inlay or onlay is completed in the lab and then applied to the patient’s mouth at a later date. If built on site, it could be put in place within minutes.
● If the impression is sent to a lab, a temporary inlay or onlay will be cemented to the tooth until the permanent one is attached.

Turn A Bad Tooth into a Restored Smile

During any dental visit you’ll be greeted by compassionate and professional staff, committed to making your visit a stress-free experience. On your first visit, a complete health history is compiled and a full examination (likely with mouth X-rays), will be conducted. The dentist will discuss an individualized care plan with you.

Have a dental problem? Contact us at the Simcoe Smile Dental Office in Oshawa at (289) 312-1482. Dr. Dusa Sorichetti and other dentists are prepared to handle all your dental needs with care and compassion.

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