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Dental Implants In Oshawa, ON

Natural, long lasting, durable replacement teeth.

Eat the foods you want and used to eat.

Smile with confidence.

Free consultation and free, friendly advice.

What are Dental Implants

Dental implants to this day, are a miracle of modern technology, even though they have roots going back thousands of years. They are a type of dental restoration that mimics the function and integration of a natural tooth which ultimately integrates into your jaw bone. No other treatment can come close to the long lasting and natural restorative function of a real tooth.

Using advanced modern materials, a tooth implant is very simple: a small screw that is placed under your gums into your jaw.

Dental Implant

How Do Dental Implants Work?


Because of the composition of materials and the technique, the dentists at Simcoe Smile Dental place the implant in your mouth,  it fuses with your jaw to become like your other, natural teeth.

Below we will fully explain your dental implant treatment in Oshawa so that you can decide for yourself how beneficial and impactful this is for you.

The Consequences of Missing Teeth

Some people with missing teeth in their smile just want that fixed so they aren’t embarrassed to smile. 
For others, where the tooth gap is hidden or to the back of the mouth, they might neglect it as it’s out of sight. 

Tooth implant vs. natural tooth

Use it or Lose it Bone Loss


What most people don’t realize is that if there are missing teeth, the jaw that was around the missing tooth starts to recede. Perhaps the body doesn’t think it’s necessary anymore. This has multiple consequences on your oral health:

  • The teeth around the gap start to shift, which affects your bite and chewing of foods.
  • Reduces the structural integrity of your teeth.
  • Induces more bone loss which could result in surrounding teeth getting weaker and looser.
  • Exposes more area to bacteria which increases cavities, plaque buildup and gum disease.
  • Over time, jaw bone loss can lead to a change in smile and facial features.

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    The Benefits of Implants

    Some people don’t want to live with their tooth loss and during the free consultation, they really perk up when we show them what implants can do for them both cosmetically and for their health.
    Here are just a few of the benefits of dental implants:

    Eat the foods you want

    If you have had missing teeth for a long while and become accustomed to avoiding food, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Enjoy a delicious steak, chew gum, live free.

    Natural tooth look and feel in Oshawa

    Dental implants become a permanent part of your smile, so they are designed to be the same colour, look and feel of your other natural teeth, all customized just for you.

    Enjoy a confident and comfortable smile with dental implants

    With natural looking dental implants in your smile, don’t be afraid to laugh anymore, to enjoy socializing and being confident.

    Improve jaw bone – dental implants stimulate new bone growth, supporting and strengthening your jaw.

    Avoid future loss – Having a permanent tooth in the gap provides structural support for the surrounding teeth as well.

    Avoid other preventable dental problems – Keeping the jaw and gum line up protects surrounding teeth from being attacks by cavity causing bacteria.

    Dental implants, when properly care for like your other teeth, are the ultimately solution for missing that that will bring you benefits for decades.

    The Dental Implant Procedure

    If you speak with other patients that have had the implant placement process, they will tell you that it’s much easier than you think.

    There are 4 general stages on the day of treatment:

    Health and Missing Tooth Assessment

    The first stage involves getting you in for your dental implant consultation in our Oshawa dental office. There, we will determine what you want to accomplish, how your smile will look and if implants are a right fit. We will need to take x-rays and assess your jaw and surrounding areas to plant the treatment. From there we will go over your options and schedule a time to complete the treatment.

    Inserting the Implants

    Once you are in for your treatment, we will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You won’t have to worry about any pain because we use a local anesthetic. The dentist will then insert the implant and secure it in your jaw. Then you go home and let the implant heal!

    Complete the Natural Look

    It may take a couple of months to heal fully before we can move to the final stage. Your restoration will be ready to go and place on top of the implant. This crown will be customized to your mouth to fit in perfectly and look natural.

    The Rest is Up to You

    Now it’s your turn. Simply take care of your teeth including your new beautiful work of modern art and technology and it will last for decades.

    Cost of Dental Implants in Oshawa

    A single implant can cost approximately $4,000 to $6,000 in Oshawa.  Consider this an investment in your current and future self.

    We cannot provide an exact quote over the phone, that would be impossible due to the complexities of the dental implant procedure and your individual situation. To make the decision easier and as a way to just see what options are available for you, we can offer you a free consultation.

    You deserve to smile with confidence, eat the foods you want and not have to worry about the damage missing teeth causes your overall health in the long term.

    Here are some important criteria to determine how the dental implant surgery costs:

    • How many and what types of implants you need.
    • What materials are used. We use only the top of the line in long lasting, durable materials for the implant and restoration.
    • The dental team’s experience and time while we take care of you before, during and after.
    • How complicated the surgery will be as determined by your exam.
    • The location in your mouth where it’s needed, top or bottom or front to back.
    • How much recovery time you will need in which you have our full support during that time.

    We will go over all treatment and financial options with you so that we can see what your needs are. Simply book a consultation now and then we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

    Book Your Free Tooth Implant Consultation Today

    For free, friendly advice or to book your free consultation whether you have missing teeth, a tooth that’s ready to be removed, or anything else related to dental implants, give us a call at 289-312-1482 and we can have a look 

    Dental Implant FAQs

    To replace missing teeth, there could be some mild to moderate pain after the treatment for a few days to a week or two. Remember, the implants are put into your jaw bone. We can help you with that. Afterwards until it’s healed, there might be some mild discomfort. We constantly are in contact with you to monitor your situation but for most, it’s a comfortable procedure.

    Implants aren’t for everyone but there are some downsides compared to alternative solutions for your missing teeth. You need to have a great immune system and strong jawbone density to support most implants. They have a greater than 90% success rate but that means there is still a 10% chance they will fail and need to be replaced. They are more costly than other solutions but considering they last decades, you might find the investment worth it. Finally, the healing time is a few months and for some, they don’t want to wait.

    You can expect to pay around $4,000 for an implant but that depends on all the factors listed above such as how many, materials, complication, location, bone density, immune system and so on. That’s why it’s imperative you have a free consultation first.

    Other Dental Services

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    Tooth Extractions

    When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it will be extracted from its socket. The dentist will take an X-Ray of your mouth to evaluate how to safely remove the tooth. We will provide you with aftercare instructions and options for your tooth extraction.

    Wisdom tooth removal

    Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Wisdom tooth emergence can cause pain and disrupt your existing molars. Our oral surgeons have the expertise to ensure your wisdom tooth removal process is as painless as possible through sedation dentistry. We will also provide follow-up care to ensure the wisdom tooth removal and recovery has been successful.

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    Emergency Dentist

    When a tooth breaks or tooth pain becomes unbearable you may require urgent dental care. Simcoe Smile Dental offers emergency dental services for broken, chipped or dislodged teeth, crowns or fillings, persistent gum bleeding and toothaches. Our knowledgeable dentists are able to accommodate any dental emergencies promptly.