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Kids Dentist Oshawa

Dentistry for Kids in Oshawa

The importance of teaching your child the importance of good dental hygiene can never be underestimated. While regular brushing and flossing is an essential part of your kids dental hygiene, our team of friendly children’s dentists helps ensure the optimal oral health of your child.  

At Simcoe Smile Dental, we offer comprehensive kids dentistry services that suit the dental health needs of children as young as 5 years old. Our service specializes in making kids comfortable during procedures. We have extensive experience and skills to handle the growing dental needs of growing children.

Simcoe Smile Dental

Quality Services and a Friendly Atmosphere

Bringing your child to a kids’ dental office can be quite challenging. However, our dental office has a warm and friendly atmosphere that will make your children feel comfortable and at ease. Our treatment rooms have televisions to entertain children to divert their attention during a dental examination. We also aim to educate kids about the importance of oral health by using state-of-the-art technology, such as an intra-oral camera, to let children see what we see during the checkup. 

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Simcoe Smile Dental is a kids dentist office that believes that giving your child a positive dental experience will help them grow into an adult who is comfortable with regular dental care. To help you learn more about our kids’ dental services, call us at (289) 312-1482 or book an appointment by sending us an email at smile@simcoesmiledental.com. You can also check us out at Google, Rate MD, and OpenCare.