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Dental Pains Not Be Ignored

Tooth Pain Primer: What to Do

There are many things a person can do prevent issues with their gums and teeth, including routine cleanings, check ups, and x-rays. However, when a problem arises in your mouth it should not be ignored. If you find yourself suffering from sore and/or bleeding gums, a cracked filling, decay, nerve pain, dry mouth, or any oral pain you should contact your dentist immediately.

● A low dull ache or throbbing pain can be caused by damage to a tooth’s nerve. If a person experiencing such pain seeks treatment immediately it could result in a simple cavity filling. If throbbing pain is left untreated, a root canal may be necessary. Throbbing pain indicates infection that requires prompt medical attention.

● Wisdom tooth pain should not be ignored. If a wisdom tooth becomes impacted it causes serious pain. Extraction is the typical method of treatment but first a dentist will take an x-ray to discover the cause of the pain.

Dental Pains That Should Not Be Ignored

● Does it hurt when you are eating? There are a number of possible causes: cavities, cracked fillings, cracked teeth, TMD, or damaged teeth that are sensitive. A dentist will perform an examination and determine the course of treatment. TMD is caused by grinding teeth and can cause pain throughout the jaw.

● Oral inflammation can be indicative of gum disease such as periodontitis or gingivitis, or a cracked tooth. Ignoring the problem could result in these problems worsening. While rare, inflammation can also be a sign of oral cancer. Seek help if you experience dry mouth as well. It can be a sign of diabetes or autoimmune disease. Persistent dry mouth can also weaken teeth.

What to Know about Root Canals

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