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Digital Imaging Vs. Conventional X-Rays

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Conventional radiology introduced us to the xray way back in 1895. Because xrays go through hard things they are used to get images of bones and in dentistry especially TEETH. When we compare the old xrays with Digital xrays  digital xrays win in every comparison.

They are way faster  to process, do NOT require any harmful chemicals to develop them, they require LESS radiation,they can be viewed IMMEDIATELY, and they may be easily stored or duplicated on a computer.
Digital xrays are initially expensive but they are cheaper and environmentally friendlier in the long run. So, GO DIGITAL!!! . Simcoe Smile Dental is pleased to offer digital xray imaging to all our patients in our practice of Family  and Cosmetic  dentistry . We can be reached at 905 728 2321

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