E-cigarettes and Oral Health

May 29, 2017

Man-smoking-electronic-cigarette-vaping E-cigarettes and Oral Health

Many vape users began using electronic cigarettes as a way to kick the habit of smoking tobacco. Pipes, cigars and cigarettes can cause damage to every part of your body. The hope is that vaping will be a safer alternative, but how safe is if for teeth and gums?

Facts About Vaping

Man-vape-an-electronic-cigarette-with-lots-of-smoke E-cigarettes and Oral Health

● There are few definitive studies on the effects of electronic cigarettes, so it cannot be claimed they’re safe to use.
● The research that has been done shows toxic chemicals in the liquid and the vapors.
● Nicotine (which is in the liquid and vapors), remains a harmful chemical.

The companies that manufacture “vapes” may allege that they are a risk-free option. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Nicotine is always harmful to the body.

Effects of Nicotine on Oral Health

Teeth-and-cigarette-smoke E-cigarettes and Oral Health

● Restricts blood flow, increasing the likelihood of gum disease.
● The signs of gum disease may be masked by nicotine, leading to tooth loss and other severe health problems.
● Gums may recede from nicotine use.
● Production of saliva is inhibited, causing bad breath.
Nicotine is stimulant that can cause you to grind your teeth.

Man-smokes-electronic-cigarette-vaping E-cigarettes and Oral Health

Although vaping seems like a safer choice than traditional cigarettes, it comes with its own set of dangers. Though vapes do not contain tobacco, they still have nicotine, which is harmful to the overall health of teeth and gums. The research is still out on this new product, so proceed with caution. Be completely honest with all of your health care providers about your lifestyle habits. If you vape, remember that gum disease may be present but not evident. Make an appointment with Simcoe Smile Dental by calling (905) 728-2321, and we can help you manage a healthy smile.

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