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What are the Qualities to Seek in a Family Dentist

Tips for Finding a Family Dentist

Finding a dentist to whom you can trust your family’s dental health is so important. When you have choice among dental practitioners, selecting the best dentist can be overwhelming. Understanding what to look for in a family clinic is a great way to start. Knowing that your dentist possesses these qualities will help you make your decision.


Whether a dentist is treating young or adult patients, compassion and care are strong assets. A good family dentist realizes that a patient’s mouth is a delicate part of the body and patients sitting in the chair can feel vulnerable. The doctors and hygienists perform dental procedures in a gentle and effective manner.

Qualities to Seek in a Family Dentist


Every time you or a family member requires dental care, you want to know your call will be answered. The office does not need to be open 24/7, but your family can rely on the clinic to help or direct you to the proper assistance during dental emergencies.


Dental appointments sometimes can make children anxious. Professional family dental care providers know how to alleviate the fears of young people and make them feel more comfortable. Ask other parents if their children visit a clinic where they are relaxed and treated respectfully. Chances are, you’ll get a great referral.


Look for a dentist who is not only passionate about the profession, but enthusiastically shares knowledge with patients on how to maintain good oral health and hygiene. An caring family dentist ensures everyone in the family gets the best oral care.

Skilled and Knowledgeable

When you entrust the oral health of your entire family to one location, you want assurances the dentist possesses broad knowledge and skills in performing complex dental procedures on people of all ages. Check for certifications and ask about the age range of the clinic’s patients.

Qualities to Seek in a Family Dentist

If you are looking for a good family dentist, Dr. Michael Todd of Simcoe Smile Dental can provide you and your family with a wide variety of dental services. Call (289) 312-1482 or email us at smile@simcoesmiledental.com for an appointment.

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