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Finding a Family Dentist in Oshawa

Tips for Finding a Family Dentist

A family dentist is a professional who performs basic oral care services for you and your family. They are “generalists,” trained to perform services from tooth cleaning to tooth removal. They advise patients on basic dental hygiene. Look for a dentist with the professional background and training to take great care of your family. Then, do some additional research, and you’ll find a clinic that’s a good fit for everyone you love.


Tips for Finding a Family Dentist

Before contacting a dentist, research their background. Learn about their education and degrees held, and check for negative reviews. While some negativity may be unsubstantiated, a dentist with multiple bad reviews could be cause for concern.

Office Visit

Make an appointment to visit the dental office. Take note of the first reaction you had: was the place warm and inviting or did you feel uncomfortable? First impressions are important. Talk to the staff and the dentist: Do you feel relaxed and welcomed? Would your family feel comfortable in this atmosphere?


Ask the dentist about their professional experience. How long has the dentist been in practice? How long has s/he been at this location? What dental procedures does the dentist perform most often? Is this the type of doctor who you trust?

Services Offered

Perhaps your kids might eventually require orthodontic treatment; does the provide these services or referrals to someone else reliable? If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, will this clinic offer teeth whitening?

Simcoe Smile Dental offers reliable family dentistry services. Please contact us today for more information! (289) 312-1482

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