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Foods to Avoid when Wearing Braces





















Your dental braces were designed to withstand chewing many types of food, but they are not immune to damage. Particular foods and habits can harm your braces and hamper your teeth’s realignment process.

If you want to improve your smile within the treatment period established by your orthodontist (and avoid the extra cost of repairs), keep clear of the following foods and habits:

Foods and Habits to Avoid when Wearing Braces 2

  1. Chewing on ice
    Ice can break or chip your teeth. Frequent chewing of ice may damage and affect the tension of your braces. While teeth are generally sturdy and resilient, they are not strong enough to withstand the stress that hard ice puts on them.
  2. Munching on sticky and hard substances
    Sticky substances like chewing gum or caramel can damage, bend, or loosen brackets the same as hard or crispy foods. Avoid these foods completely or cut them into smaller pieces so you won’t exert too much force when chewing.
  3. Drinking bottled water
    Plain tap water is recommended for someone wearing braces; most countries’ public water sources contain fluoride. Fluoride fights decay and facilitates remineralization, a naturally occurring process in the oral cavity which helps repair minor tooth decay. Several brands of bottled water may not have enough fluoride to protect your oral health.
  4. Consuming sports beverages
    Sports drinks contain high levels of sugar and chemical additives that weaken tooth enamel. If you really must have some, drink it all at once and avoid sipping throughout the day. Make it a habit to swish your mouth with water after each time you consume sugary drinks. This rinses sugar from the teeth surfaces and other areas of your mouth.
  5. Brushing teeth too forcefully
    Applying too much force when brushing can irritate gums and increase tooth sensitivity, especially to cold. It also wears down enamel, creating an opportunity for cavities to thrive. Brush gently using a brush with soft bristles. Daily cleaning should be just strong enough to remove food residue and plaque without damaging the teeth or your braces.
  6. Delaying routine dental checkups
    Regular dental checkups and cleanings (every six months) are essential for patients wearing braces, and those without. Your dentist can spot potential dental issues and remedy them. Prevent problems from developing into bigger health concerns by sticking to a routine schedule for oral health care.

Foods and Habits to Avoid when Wearing Braces

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