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The Foods That Stain Teeth

Good oral hygiene doesn’t just mean brushing your teeth and flossing every day. What you eat and drink also affects the health of your mouth. Certain foods and beverages can significantly affect your teeth by staining them. Coffee and red wine are two beverages that can alter the colour of teeth — but there are others.

Discover some other tooth-staining causes:

1. Balsamic vinegar. This healthy salad dressing has a dark hue that can stick to teeth. However, you don’t have to remove it from your diet. When you have a salad or dish containing this vinegar, munch on some crunchy lettuce. This will help clean residue from teeth as you eat.


Foods That Stain Teeth


2. Tomato-based sauces. These are high in acidity. The sauces’ bright red hue can transfer to teeth. First, have an appetizer containing dark green veggies (e.g. broccoli, kale, and spinach) to create a protective layer over the teeth.This layer can counter the discolouring effect of tomato-based sauce. (Just remember to floss afterward to remove any unsightly green food remnants!)


Foods That Stain Teeth


3. Curry. This time-tested spice often stains the fingers of the cook handling it. The deep pigmentation of curry can turn teeth yellow, if consumed on a regular basis. When eating curry-spiced food, add fruits and vegetables that help prevent discolouration, (such as apples, carrots and celery).


Foods That Stain Teeth


4. Soy sauce. This classic condiment is delicious with sushi and other meals, but its dark brown colour may linger on teeth.


Foods That Stain Teeth


5. Soft drinks. These dark, sugary beverages contain acids that wear away enamel. Over time, the outer layer of teeth can absorb dark compounds from the beverages, causing them to turn brownish or yellowish. Tea, coffee, fruit juices, and sports drinks are also teeth stain culprits. Try to drink these beverages infrequently and stick to drinking water. If you do indulge, swish water in your mouth afterward — and brush teeth 20 minutes later.


Foods That Stain Teeth


6. Berries. These fruit gems provide health benefits (such as antioxidants), but if their residue is not rinsed or brushed away, they’ll stain your teeth. The deep colour in berries (like blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, and raspberries) can discolour teeth. Whether eaten whole, drunk as juice, or consumed as jam, do not let berries linger in your mouth for too long. Drink and rinse with water immediately afterward to combat their staining effect. Drinking milk can also neutralize the acid and strengthen teeth.


Foods That Stain Teeth


You don’t have to completely eliminate tooth-staining foods and beverages from your diet. When it comes to eating food that can potentially discolour teeth, moderation is key. Enjoy it, but pay extra attention to rinsing and cleaning teeth afterward.

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