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Know if Invisalign is Right for You

For some people, the thought of having braces means having to endure a time with an uncomfortable installment of metal in their mouth. Luckily, Invisalign has become a popular option to correct teeth alignment issues.

But how do you know if this method of teeth straightening will work for you? Ask yourself the following questions:


1. Are your Teeth Crooked?
Invisalign works for just about all dental problems and common teeth alignment issues. Invisalign can correct common problems like overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, and gapped teeth.

2. How Old are You?
Younger patients are not eligible to use Invisalign; their teeth are still growing. The age of 13 is the earliest that one can opt for Invisalign, but this decision requires a thorough assessment from the dentist. There’s no age limit for adults; Invisalign is used by patients 50 years and beyond.

3. Are You Willing to Commit?
Invisalign is different from traditional braces.They are clear, almost invisible aligners that you can take in and out of the mouth. You must wear them 23 hours a day taking them out only for eating and brushing your teeth. When you get the hang of it it’s easy!

4. Is Time a premium?
Invisalign is the fastest working full orthodontic treatment. Not only that, it requires less appointment times, and the appointments are shorter!

5. Worried about pain?
Invisalign has the least discomfort and fewer emergencies compared with traditional braces.

How to Know if Invisalign is Right for You

Simcoe Smile Dental can administer the proper assessments and determine if you need Invisalign. Make an appointment today to find out if this is the right procedure for you! Call us at (289) 312-1482.

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