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Surprising Oral Health Benefits of Kissing

There’s more to kissing than just showing affection to your partner. Kissing not only strengthens your bond with your partner, it can also improve your oral health overall.


A passionate kiss may not be as effective as brushing and flossing, but kissing does increase the flow of saliva, a natural cleanser for the mouth. By stimulating the saliva production, kissing washes off bacteria, eliminates cavity-causing particles from the surface of the teeth, and neutralizes harmful acids. Saliva also contains a high concentration of calcium and phosphate ions, which are essential to dental health. These ions restore tooth enamel by remineralizing non-cavitated areas on the surface of the teeth.

Precautions to Take


While the increase in saliva flow protects your teeth, it also acts as a superhighway for harmful bacteria and viruses that may cause colds, coughs, or other, more serious diseases. The bacteria transferred during a kiss also carries the potential of producing additional bacterial colonies. These contain acids that may eat away the healthy tooth enamel.

However, this should not scare you out of kissing your loved one. Here are some precautions to take that will allow you to enjoy a kiss while encouraging optimal oral health:

  • Practice Safe Kissing – It’s important to know a bit about your partner’s oral health. Taking proper precautions helps protect you from transmittable oral diseases such as periodontal disease, halitosis, and herpes type 1 (cold sores).
  • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene – Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing after meals keeps the mouth clean by preventing disease and freshening your breath. It will also kills the harmful bacteria transmitted during kissing. Practicing good oral hygiene works to protect your partner’s oral health.
  • Be Mindful of What You Eat and Drink – Food and drink has a significant impact on your oral health. For healthy teeth and gums, limit sugary foods and drinks that are linked to cavities and tooth decay (e.g. cola drinks and candy). Eat healthy snacks (fresh fruits and vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese) and drink plenty of water to rinse out any bacteria left from food.
  • Regular Dental Cleaning – Professional dental cleaning services aren’t just for shiny, healthy smile. Although regular brushing and flossing are essential, getting your teeth cleaned regularly removes tartar, the calcified deposits that have the potential to inflict periodontal disease or cavities.

Keep you and your partner healthy by practicing excellent oral hygiene. For more information about keeping your oral health in check, call Simcoe Smile Dental at (289) 312-1482, or visit our clinic in Oshawa, Ontario.

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