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Diet Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

If you’re concerned about your oral health, preventing cavities and gum disease, and maintaining a healthy smile, consider the following dietary recommendations to keep yourself in great shape:

● Five Food Groups

Healthy Diet Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Most of us know about the Food Pyramid and that we should be eating a certain number of servings from five specific food groups. Sugars should not make up majority of our diet. Eating the suggested servings on the food pyramid, paired with plenty of water, is a smart step toward healthy teeth. Teeth also benefit from being brushed after every meal. While this may seem difficult for those who work and eat out, a quick brush truly takes only a couple minutes in the bathroom. Who knows? Your habits might influence some of your co-workers to live a healthier lifestyle.

● Say No to Snacking

Healthy Diet Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Once you begin to implement the Food Pyramid into your daily diet it’s time to start cutting out in-between meal sweets and salty snacks. If it’s difficult for you to omit snacking altogether, try choosing a healthy snack like string cheese or an apple. These are both dentist-approved goodies. Cheese has calcium and an apple a day helps gums stay nice and pink. Adding snacks that are rich in vitamins is a great way to help your teeth and general health, not just preventing tooth decay but keeping other oral issues such as gum disease and plaque at bay.

● Dental Check-Ups

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About 90% of keeping your teeth healthy is up to you, but there are certain procedures and thorough teeth cleaning should be left to the professionals. Dentists suggest a six-month dental checkup for everyone, regardless of age. Don’t wait to make that appointment until you already have a problem or pain. Even a yearly appointment can do a world of good.

Healthy Diet Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

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