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We value your honest opinion. Your online review of our office helps other people make the decision to come here as you did and helps us improve.

4 quick+easy steps (and free) to rate our office from your computer or phone:

1. Please go to Google.ca (!!you must be at www.Google.ca!!), type in “Simcoe Smile Dental Oshawa” then click search

2. Our office info will appear as below. On your computer, click where it shows the yellow stars and says “Google reviews”. On your phone, tap our name, then tap  “REVIEWS”.

3. Login to your Google account or follow the steps they show to create your own account (takes about a minute and free).

4) A box will appear for you to review us. Select the number of stars, then write your review in the box (example: what you think of the office or your experience here) and then click the Publish button! That’s it!

Some examples:

“I posted before can’t seem to find it though but simcoe smile is the best dental experience I’ve had! DR Sorichetti is one of a kind! She always asks her patients how they’re doing every now and then and makes you feel like you’re at home to be honest! It’s as if Dr Todd never left because the hospitality she and the whole staff provides is top notch! 10/10 would recommend!!!!” – Bill A

“Dr. Todd was my Dentist growing up and visits were always comfortable. Dr. Sorichetti is very professional and has recently extracted my wisdom teeth with a short recovery. I appreciate her inclusion of learning dental professionals. Also, the dental assistants are extremely professional, I have fond memories of June and the crew. Thank you providing me such a great experience! :)” – Jordan Z.

“Dr. Duša Sorichetti has been absolutely incredible with all of my dental health issues. She’s very kind, loving and positive. She makes it easy to understand what’s going on in my mouth and efficiently makes a plan to help me navigate through it. If she is unable to do something she makes sure to refer me to the right place. It is easily noticeable how passionate she is about her work and does everything possible to make sure I’m comfortable with what we are doing. The staff there is so friendly and great. June is such a sweet receptionist and is always so positive as well.” – Brittnee W.



1. Not in Google. You must be in Google.ca or google.com for this to work! Some people mistakenly type google.ca into the search box. Make sure you type google.ca or google.com into the address bar of your web browser (and not the search bar).

2. Review not able to publish. Please make sure you select the number of stars and write your review in the box. Also, make sure “public” is highlighted when you click publish (if the word public/private appear)

3. Review published but not appearing. Sometimes it takes a day or two to just show up. Sometimes Google will flag it if it looks suspicious and need a human to verify it which takes a few days.

4. Using an outdated browser. OLD technology and browsers from years ago like Internet Explorer 8 may have difficulty displaying the reviews. Please either upgrade to IE 9 and above, or download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you still need help, please call or send an email, we will walk you through step by step.