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It is important to ensure that your kids start good dental hygiene habits as early as possible. In addition to starting at home, you should also select a quality kid’s dentist in Oshawa. If your children can start off their relationship with a dentist with a positive experience at an early age, this means that they will continue good dental care habits and regular dental visits well into adulthood.


When should you begin taking your children to the dentist? The Canadian Dental Association guidelines recommend seeing a dentist within the first six months of a child’s first tooth eruption, or by 12 months of age. It is best to start visiting a dentist before there are any problems. With regular checkups your dentist can track any problems early and fix them while they are small. Also, by taking your children to a kid’s dentist in Oshawa they will learn that going to the dentist doesn’t mean that there is a problem; they are working with the dentist to prevent them.


Simcoe Smile Dental considers itself to be a clinic of choice for kid’s dentists in Oshawa. Our warm and inviting treatment rooms make going to the dentist a positive experience for children. We also use the latest technologies such as intra-oral cameras so that you children (and you) can see what the dentist and his staff are talking about when they try to educate your children about dental care. We also offer televisions in our treatment rooms so your children can focus on a video perhaps rather than be concerned about a dental checkup. We also have a wide selection of magazines, books and game consoles available.


Our friendly and welcoming staff will work hard to make sure that your children feel comfortable . WE LOVE TO WORK WITH KIDS!.


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