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Get together as a Family to Take Care of Your Teeth!

A beautiful & healthy smile is a winning look for anyone. Fear of tooth and gum pain also inspires people to take care of their oral/dental health. However, through recent studies, it’s become apparent that the health of your mouth is correlated to risk of life-threatening disease. To protect yourself, your family, and all the people you love, make dental care a priority. Here are some suggestions to get started:

Make It a Habit to Brush Regularly

Get together as a Family to Take Care of Your Teeth!

Brushing protects you and your family against tooth decay and gum diseases. Here are some additional hints —

● Make sure each family member brushes at least twice a day.
● Do not share toothbrushes.
● Replace toothbrushes every three to four months.
● Rinse (swish and swallow/spit) after eating sugary foods, including fruit.


Teeth Grinding: Its Dangers and Treatment

Kids are always active, and this puts them at a risk of falling or hurting their teeth. The use of mouthguards protects your child’s teeth from direct impact and can prevent tooth loss. Purchasing this oral protective device costs less than emergency care or a dental implant. Visit your family dentist to have a customized mouthguard made for comfort and ease of use.

Regular Dentist Visits

Tips for Finding a Family Dentist

Even if all family members brush and floss regularly, there is still need for regular professional check-ups and cleanings. Each family member who visits the dentist every six months can prevent cavities and gum disease and have a greater understanding of their dental and overall health. The dentist will also address any immediate problems before they worsen.

Avoid Tobacco

Get together as a Family to Take Care of Your Teeth!

Of the many downsides of tobacco use, damage to the mouth is the most pronounced. Smokers often have stained teeth, weak gums, and sometimes major oral health issues. Excessive smoking or chewing tobacco can cause cancer. If a family member smokes, gently encourage them to quit.

At Simcoe Smile Dental, we have a dedicated and qualified staff who provides you and your family wonderful preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care services in the Oshawa area. Schedule an appointment at (289) 312-1482.

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