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Root Canal Myths

The thought of a root canal treatment may make some people feel queasy or nervous. Some may even forego the procedure because of fear of the pain that it supposedly produces. These beliefs are often outdated and unfounded.

Here are 3 common myths that give root canal treatments a “bad rap”:

Myth #1: It is painful to get a root canal.

This may have been true in the past, but modern dental equipment and techniques have completely dispelled this belief. An dentist or endodontist (root canal specialist) can easily and painlessly remove damaged tissue in the mouth through root canal treatment. Patients can discuss options in advance to better ensure a comfortable experience.

Root canals are considered a dental emergency because the only reason one would have a root canal treatment, is because there is an infection in the pulp.

Myth #2: Treatments for root canals cause illnesses.

This myth stems from a poorly designed study conducted over 100 years ago. With today’s innovations and viable dentistry research, we know there is no connection between a root canal and contracted illnesses.

Myth #3: A tooth extraction is a better alternative.

A root canal is regarded as a better option than losing a tooth (or teeth). Dentures cannot replace the look and function of natural teeth. When there is little alternative, the dentist will recommend root canal. It has a higher success rate than tooth extraction and lasts a lifetime, if properly maintained.

Three Root Canal Myths

When you have a dentist you trust, there is no need to fear a root canal. Simcoe Smile Dental provides great care and works hard to gain our patients’ trust. For a root canal consultation, please call us today at (289) 312-1482.

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