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What Your Braces Elastics Colours Say About You

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You may not always enjoy having to wear braces, but choosing the colour of the elastics can be quite fun. You can get creative with selecting the colours so that they can match your favorite outfits or show support for your favorite sports team. You can show off your school spirit with your colours or make them holiday themed. Having the perfect colours for your elastics can make wearing braces less stressful and give you confidence. Before choosing your elastics colours, find out what each colour will say about you.

The colour red can mean you’re intense and determined. Choose red elastics to show that you’re ready to take on any life’s challenges with forward-thinking steps. Red also represents the coluor of the heart, so it shows that you’re loving and caring, and maybe even passionate.

Blue can indicate that you are a cool, laid-back person. You’re usually calm and relaxed. You’re able to handle yourself well when dealing with situations and you have integrity. Use blue elastics to help you keep your cool during stressful times.

If you like having green elastics, then you’re generous and kind. Green is the colour for nature and springtime, so it shows that you care about the environment and that you appreciate growth. You look for opportunities for yourself to grow emotionally and spiritually. Green is also the colour for good luck.

Choosing orange elastics means that you’re daring and fun. Orange also shows creativity, so it can show your artistic side. Orange is the colour for balance and energy, but it also represents big personalities. If you like orange, you’re probably optimistic and love being in social situations.

The colour yellow shows enthusiasm and positivity. If you enjoy this colour then you are optimistic and full of life. You also enjoy talking and communicating. Yellow shows that you are cheerful and that people enjoy being around you.

Purple is the colour of royalty and mystery. If you like having purple elastics, then you’re the type of person who thinks outside the box and is creative. You also are imaginative in every part of your life.

Pink is a romantic colour that shows that you are a caring person. You also enjoy laughing and being silly. For you, life is all about having fun. Pink shows that you are playful and charming.

The colour you choose for your elastics can help show what kind of person you are. If you need help selecting your braces elastics colours, contact us, Simcoe Smile Dental, at (905)728-2321.

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