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Why Are X-Rays Important?

Dentists have several tools to help give patients quality dental care. Sometimes, a visual examination isn’t enough, and in those cases, x-rays provide a closer look.

Dental x-rays let dentists see all of the intricacies of their patients’ mouth, including problematic areas. This allows them to diagnose oral problems more accurately and provides patients with the care they need.

Using x-rays also allows dentists to be more proactive in helping patients care for their teeth. Instead of waiting for problems to develop, dentists can detect issues before any visible signs emerge. Some of the ways dental x-rays can benefit you include:

  • Detecting cavities – In many cases, cavities develop where dentists can see them easily. But sometimes, when food becomes trapped, tooth decay can occur between the teeth. These cavities can only be seen with an x-ray. Dentists also need to find these cavities before deciding on the best treatment for your teeth.
  • Spotting cysts and tumors – Cysts are inflamed tissue with soft material or fluid inside that develops around the teeth. If not treated, they can become infected. Tumors can also develop in the bone surrounding the teeth. Either of these issues are potentially dangerous, and x-rays are required for proper detection.
  • Checking developing teeth – Additionally, X-rays are invaluable tools in locating issues with children’s teeth (e.g. delays or crooked teeth). This gives dentists a full view of a patient’s teeth and jaw, which lets them detect and treat dental complications immediately.

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  • Finding wisdom teeth – Wisdom teeth often grow improperly, requiring dentists to remove them. The operation is made much easier if dentists can see wisdom teeth in the gums. X-rays provide detailed images of the gums, which allows dentists to see the wisdom teeth. From there, they can better determine the best treatment for patients.
  • Diagnosing teeth grinding – Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) causes discomfort and pain from clenching the jaw. X-rays make it possible for dentists to identify damage to teeth and bones. After that, dentists can develop an effective treatment (e.g. mouthguards).

X-ray machines use radiation to develop the image of your teeth, but modern models are designed to minimize radiation. This reduces your exposure and ensures safety. Dentists are always focused on making your experience as safe and as comfortable as possible.

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