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Everything you need to know about Root Canals

Have you been told you need a root canal?

Here are seven things You need to know about root canals

1. Pain-free Doesn’t Mean Infection-free

If pain has stopped your tooth hasn’t necessarily healed. Pain could be gone because the pulp is dead. Meanwhile, other symptoms such as facial swelling may occur as the infection spreads.

2. Antibiotics Won’t Help

Antibiotics work by traveling through the bloodstream to the infection site. Because infected pulp is in the tooth’s root, medicine cannot reach the place you need it to work. Remember, root canals are considered a dental emergency and the underlying infection needs to be dealt with immediately or an abscess can occur followed by sepsis which can be life threatening.

3. Root Canals Shouldn’t Be Painful

This procedure is intended to relieve pain, not cause it. Beforehand, you will receive a local anesthetic and the entire process can be similar to getting a filling, though you’ll need some additional recovery time after the root canal.

4. You Will Experience Some Soreness

There will most likely be some discomfort and soreness for a few days after the procedure. This might be alleviated by pain medicine. Ask your dentist if you need a prescription or if an over-the-counter remedy will be sufficient.

5. Protect Your Tooth

The pain may be gone, but the initial filling is (probably) only temporary. Your dentist will install a permanent filling or crown at a future appointment.

6. Protect Your Smile

Depending on the severity of the infection, the only alternative to root canal may be removing the tooth. Pulling a tooth will leave a space which can cause teeth to shift, changing your bite and smile. Replacements are available to prevent these changes.

7. Root Canals Do Not Cause Illness

There is no scientific evidence supporting the myth that root canals are linked to other health issues. In fact, the treatment removes bacteria from the infected root and saves the natural tooth. Tooth care is essential to overall health.

There are an additional 3 common root canal myths that we should have a look at.

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